Sermac Srl workshop equipment

Sermac is distributor and agent for italian market of international companies which are leader on their field. Our range of products includes: standard parts, ultrasonic welding machines, machine tools, high precision measuring instruments, workholding solutions, tools.

  • Componenti per macchine.
    Machines components
  • Micrometri.
  • Morse.
  • Strumenti di misura.
    Measuring instruments
  • Disoleatori.
    Oil skimmers
  • Calibri.
  • Lappatrici.
    Lapping machines
  • Staffaggi.
    Clamping parts
  • Elementi di manovra.
    Operating parts
  • Saldatrici a ultrasuoni.
    Ultrasonic welders
  • Rettifiche.
    Grinding machines
  • Tamponi e anelli.
    Plug and ring gauges
  • Macchine di misura.
    Measuring machines
  • Posizionatori.
  • Comparatori.

The choice of our brands makes the difference and it’s the result of a deep analysis of cusotmer’s needs. Our commercial partners are international companies and they are guarantee of quality and reliability.

  • Marchio Microtech grande.
  • Marchio Disolplus grande.
  • Marchio Sonics & Materials grande.
    Sonics & Materials
  • Marchio Agathon grande.
  • Marchio Lapmaster & Wolters grande.
    Lapmaster & Wolters
  • Marchio Accud grande.
  • Marchio Grindex grande.
  • Marchio TRC Group grande.
    TRC Group
  • Marchio 5th Axis grande.
    5th Axis
  • Marchio Norelem grande.
  • Marchio Kummer grande.


Search the type of products of your interest according to their characteristics, by selecting one of the following “tag”, listed in alphabetical order.


3 points inside micrometers 3 points micrometers 5th Axis 1124 1135 1138 1161 1163 1184 1187 1189 1253 1274 1392 1512 1514 1675 1676 1677 1679 1680 1681 1685 1688 1689 1693 1694 ABS height gauges Accud adjustable supports Agathon angle gauges arm gauges articulated supports Accud articulated supports with magnetic bases articulating arms ball contact points bases belt oil skimmers big stroke indicators blade contact points blade micrometers block gauge accessories block gauges block gauges Accud block gauge sets block gauge sets calibration calipers block gauge sets calibration micrometers block gauges sets block gauges TRC blocks bore gauges bore gauges Accud bore gauges Microtech bore gauges setting kit boxes for calibrated pins brinell calibrated pins calibrated pin sets calibrated tapes calibration calibration blocks calibration kit calibration kit for micrometers and calipers calibration kit for micrometers and calipers trc calipers calipers Accud calipers IP54 calipers Microtech calipers TRC calipers with metal boxes carbide block gauges centering calipers centering holders centesimal bore gauges centesimal indicators ceramic block gauges ceramic block gauge sets chamfer squares checking micrometers clamping systems clamps coatings coating thickness gauges coating thickness instruments comparatori digitali corsa complementary angles gauges concentricity benchs concentricity benchs for long parts concentricity benchs TRC concentricity checks deep neck calipers depth bases depth gauges depth gauges Accud depth gauges with extensions depth micrometers depth vernier calipers depth vernier mini calipers dial calipers dial height gauges dial test indicator dial test indicator accud dial test indicators dial test indicators trc digital 3 points micrometers digital blade micrometers digital bore gauges digital calipers digital calipers Accud digital calipers with round bar digital cameras digital crimp micromters digital depth calipers digital depth gauges digital 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probes renishaw profile projectors projectors protractors protractors Accud radius gauges radius gauge sets rigid borescopes rings rings Accud Rockwell roughness roughness testers rounded contact points rulers rulers Accud scales scales Accud scribers scribers for height gauges self centering vises set setting kit sferical contact points shockproof indicators shore hardness testers single column height gauges square levels squares squares 45° squares 60° squares 90° squares 120° squares 135° squares Accud squares with base stand stand for granite surface plate stand for granite surface plate trc stand for micrometers stands for roughness testers steel block gauges steel block gauge sets stereo microscopes styli for dial test indicators supporti per comparatori supports tablet calipers taper calipers tapered contact points tapes thickness gauges thickness gauges thickness gauges Accud thickness micrometers thread gauge nogo thread gauges thread gauges GO thread gauges NO GO thread 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