Pipe welding gauge Accud – Cod. 976-045-01

  • Made of stainless steel

Code Range Graduation Accuracy Application
976-045-01 37,5° +/-1° measure bevel on end preparation
0-45mm 1mm(1/16″) +/-0,5mm measure pipe wall thickness
0-35mm 1mm(1/32″) +/-0,5mm measure internal misalignment
1,6mm-2,4mm +/-0,1mm measure fit-up gap
0-35mm 1mm(1/32″) +/-0,5mm measure crown height
0-60mm 1mm(1/16″) +/-0,5mm measure distance between two marking lines of socket weld
0-30mm 1mm(1/16″) +/-0,5mm measure fillet weld lenght
 0,35mm 1mm(1/32″) +/-0,5mm measure fillet weld height

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