Oil skimmers for lubricoolants Disolplus – Cod. DS300


The belt oil skimmers DS300 are a smart and simple solution to solve the problems with depuration of lubricoolant liquids on machine tools.

These oil skimmers are able to easily separate oils, greases and hydrocarbons contained in the liquids, for recovering and disposal.

Using the oils skimmers the formation of oil and grease layers on the surface is avoided and the lubricoolant remains safe and not dangerous for health.

The oils skimmers operate using the principle of the different superficial tension of oil.

The oil sticks to the rotating belt and is then removed by a scraper and moved to a separate tank.

The installation is fast and simple.

The big advantage of DS300 is the combined action of propeller and air blow which gives to this oil skimmer an higher extraction capacity.

PRODUCT INFO“Oil skimmers for lubricoolants Disolplus – Cod. DS300”